The goal of the project is to improve the life situation of socially disadvantaged young men and women in the region of Amhara in Ethiopia by enabling them a demand-oriented education and by supporting them with their entry into the working life. Thereby they can escape the poverty trap of “no education – no employment – no income” and sustainably improve their life conditions. At the same time, this project will be used as a model for other regions in Ethiopia.

Plan International Schweiz, Zurich

The project’s goal is to improve primary school participation rates and early grade learning outcomes in the province of Bokeo, Laos. With this project the quality of teaching and hence the children’s learning will be improved. Furthermore the school management and community engagement in school governance will be strengthened.

Stiftung SOS-Kinderdorf Schweiz, Bern

The project supports the SOS-Hermann Gmeiner School in Gode, Ethiopia. The school offers children and teenagers from the city Gode, specially girls, a school education on primary and secondary level. The school follows the governmental school-curriculum but offers in addition to that courses like English, Computer, and natural science.